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Pure Darkness

The Dark October Friday The 13th, 27th & 28th  AT THE TCP Darken Warehouse!

Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Tickets Available at the Door or Online

Objective: Enter the pitch-dark TCP Warehouse, the only light you will have is the light reflecting from your head lamp.  You will need to clear 3 Zones without being killed off. Each participant will have three life lines hanging from their waistband (Flags), if all three lifelines are taken “Game Over” for you.  Clear each zone, receive a marker and enter the next level.  If Captured you will have the opportunity to take part in the interaction by infecting humans.


Zone 1: Sleeper Zone.

Zone 2: Strike

Zone 3: Mayhem Zone 1% survival

Prices: Reg $30  Early Bird Special $20 Prices go up September 30th

  • $30 Includes: Entry, Lifelines, One Head lamp, experience three zones.  Collect three markers and receive a T-Shirt (while supplies last) Plus Free entry passes to experience low-impact or traditional paintball at Total Combat Paintball
October 13th, 27th & 28th
  • Times: 8pm to 12am: Check-In closes at 11pm or until sold out, early arrival recommended – Music and other activates will be available to the public- No line system, check your group in and enjoy the festivities and wait for your group number to be called.

Q & A

How long is each session?

The time frame is dependent on the player, if the player plays the game right the experience can last 15 Mins. From last years experience, we saw players so scared they ran straight through.

How many lifelines are included?

three lifelines are included.

Do the things chase you?

Yes they do. If caught do I became a thing that goes bump in the dark? Yes you will have the option to be a convert people.

Can i be a Zombie, demon, or another scary thing?

Yes, you have a choice to become part of the conversion process and convert humans into things. If you just want to be part of the action, please contact us via email.

A few of the pix on the site show what looks like a belt w/ flags. Will we be given this?

Yes each hunter will be given 3 life lines which you will tie around your pant loops. Please do not tie around your heads, thighs and other body parts. Please tie them on the sides of your pant loops and have them hang. The THINGS that scare you in the dark will try to take your lifelines and will be getting up and personal.

What is the age requirement for this event?

We recommend 10 and up, we have had grown men scream and run like little girls. If you have a tough little one then it would be a great experience. This is a very interactive event, and a fun time for the entire family.

Please wear Sneakers and NO FLIP FLOPS.
October Friday The 13th, 27th & 28th 2017

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