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Total Combat Paintball Zombie Attack

October 26th – 27th & 31st 2012 –

Times Oct. 26: 6pm – 11pm  | Oct 27: 6pm – 11pm | Oct 31: 6pm – 11pm
(Zombies DO NOT shoot back!)

Zombie Attack Details:

Extra Ammo will be given to you, if you kill a Zombie, also extra ammo will be laid out in the arena for you to acquire if you can make it without losing a lifeline. You have three lives, if the zombie captures one of your life lines, your 1/3 zombie, if all three life lines are taken you’re dead meat. There will be groups of ten entering the Zombie Zone, if you have four people in your group you will be entering the Zombie zone with 6 other people.

*Note, for people who lose all three lifelines, you can become part of the interactive event and convert incoming players into Zombies


  1. Can I purchase extra Ammo? Yes, at check in.
  2. Can I use my own paintball gun? No, you will need to use TCP brand new Chaser guns which look like 9MMs.
  3. Can I wear my own mask? Yes.
  4. How old do you have to be? 10 yrs old to be a zombie shooter and 8 years old to walk the zombie zone.
  5. Ticket Info:


  • A.) $25 ticket gets 1 (one) time through the Zombie field.
  • B.) $35 VIP ticket gets 2 (two) times through Zombie field, plus to the front of the line.
  • C.) $50 VIP UNLIMITED ticket gets UNLIMITED times through Zombie field, plus to the front of the line.

Total Combat Paintball has contained Zombies within our fields and we need brave Zombie hunters to retrieve the four antidote files surrounded by flesh eating Zombies.  Hunters will need to stop the zombie virus chain reaction released by a crazy scientist gone Zombie himself!  Zombie hunters beware, by entering the Zombie zone your heart rate will increase. The adrenaline rush scare factor will have you sweating, and your mind will play tricks on you inside the TCP Zombie Zone.  Zombie Hunters, will you make it to the other side, or be captured and become a Zombie Meal yourself?!Total Combat Paintball will convert the three playing fields into one big Zombie zone.  Up to 10 TCP Zombie Players at one time will have a chance to take out Zombies trying to capture you and your teammates.  Players will be using Chaser paintball guns which look like 9MM.  Players/Teams will have to find four objects, situated throughout the Zombie zone, avoid being captured and the only way to take down the TCP Zombies is a direct hit to the chest. Zombies DO NOT shoot back!

Non-Shooters are welcome to enter the Zombie zone to retrieve the four antidote files surrounded by flesh eating Zombies.

Can you make it with out being eaten?  Find out October 26th, 27th and 31st 2012!

$25 Ticket Includes: Entry, Mask, Chaser Paintball Gun, CO2, & Paintballs | $15 Ticket Required for Non-Shooters Ages: 10 and up


Oct 31st Tickets (Online Sales Stop at 6pm. Tickets Also Available at TCP Field.)


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