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Total Combat Paintball HS Challenge V Sponsored By The US ARMY

Team Sign-Up and Event Details

March 23rd, 2014 – Total Combat Paintball High School Challenge V Sponsored by The US ARMY

High School students will once again go against each other for bragging rights and prizes. This event is free to all High School students with a 3.0 GPA. Students with GPAs under 3.0 will have to pay $25.

Beginner players: TCP will provide the equipment needed for you to play (Mask, Paintball Gun, & Paintballs) If your Team keeps advancing, TCP will continue to supply your team with paint.   Beginner Teams will play in the scenario field.

Intermediate players: Can use their own equipment, please note we can only fill HPA Tank no CO2 is available.  Teams will be given paint at check-in.  If your Team keeps advancing, TCP will continue to supply your team with paint.   Intermediate teams will compete on the Speed-Ball field.

Kick Start your mind and increase your GPA!!!

Check-In: Each player must bring their student photo ID card and progress report. If you don’t have a photo student ID card, a report card or transcript. please email as soon as possible.

Waivers: Players under 18 years of age whose parent will not be present at the event should pick up, download, or request waivers to be emailed and have that waivers signed by their parent.

  • Event Check-in: 7:00am to 8:00am
  • Captains meeting 8:15am
  • Event Starts: 8:30am


Registration Form

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Official registered Teams:

1st High Tech Renegades
2nd Otay Ranch Shutdown
3rd Otay Ranch SD Nightmare

1st Torrey Pines HS Little Boys
2nd Olympian HS ShowTime
3rd Santana HS SD Undisputed
7L2A00767L2A0082  7L2A0084 7L2A0104 7L2A0115 7L2A0130 7L2A0152 7L2A0169 7L2A1681 7L2A1857
**Line-up subject to change without notice*
Sponsors Give-A-Way, Winners Receive Free Memberships worth $299 and more..

Please make sure you say Thank you to the US ARMY crew as this event would not happen for free if it wasn’t for the ARMY!


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Open all holidays except Xmas.
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