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Zombie Attack II



Objective: Zombie Hunters need to clear 3 Zombie Zones without being converted into zombies. Each participate will have three life lines, once zombies remove all three lifelines, Zombie Hunter are converted into Zombies and have the opportunity to take part in the interaction. Once Zombie Hunters clear each zone, they will be fully reloaded before entering the next level. Total Combat Paintball is letting out the zombie’s March Friday The 13th 2015.

Zone 1: Zombie Sleeper Zone.

Zone 2: Zombie Strike

Zone 3: Zombie Mayhem 1% survival


  • $30 Includes: Entry, Paintball Shotgun, Eye Protection, 3 Life Lines, and Paintball Bullets

TCP Members Prices:

  • $25 Includes: Entry, Paintball Shotgun, Eye Protection, 3 Life Lines, and Paintball Bullets

March 13th, 2015

  • Times: 6pm to 11pm: Line closes at 10pm meaning you have be in line before 10pm for entry, earlier arrival recommended

Q & A

How long is each session?

This is a question which does not have a defined answer. The time frame is dependent on the player, if the player plays the game right the experience can last 15 Mins. From last years experience, we saw players so scared they ran straight through without shooting and forgetting to play the game.

How many paintballs are included?

Its unlimited refills, meaning we reload your guns between every zone.

Do the zombies chase you?

Yes they do. If caught do I became zombified? Yes you will have the option to be a Zombie and also chase people.

Can i be a Zombie?

Yes, you have a choice to become part of the conversion process and convert hunters into zombies. If you just want to become a Zombie and NOT be a Zombie Hunter, please contact us via email.

A few of the pix on the site show what looks like a belt w/ flags. Will we be given this?

Yes each hunter will be given 3 life lines which you will tie around your pant loops. Please do not tie around your heads, thighs and other body parts. Please tie them around your pant loops and have them hang. Zombies will try to take your lifelines and will be getting up and personal.

What is the age requirement for this event?

We recommend 6 and up, but we have had grown men scream and run like little girls. If you have a tough little one then it would be a great experience. This is a very interactive event, and a fun time for the entire family.

Please wear Sneakers and NO FLIP FLOPS allowed

October – Friday The 13th, 2015


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