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Couples Therapy October 6th

Couple’s Therapy

Total Combat Paintball can’t fix your problems, but we can help you release some of your frustrations and then come together as a team. We start you off in a head to head battle-ladies against gentlemen and then build that couple bond with a Couples Therapy Paintball Battle, last couple standing wins!  The only time you won’t go to jail for shooting your better half. Join other fun couples-you may just find some new friends!

The Set-UP

Low-Impact Paintball-which means its all the excitement without the welts and bruises.

Ladies vs Gentleman (Best out of three rounds last person standing wins)

Couples vs Couples (Best out of three rounds last Couple standing)

Total Combat Paintball bring couples together or NOT, LOL.

Date: October 6th, 2017
Start Time: 8pm

Cost $50 per couple
Includes: 2 Rental Gun, 2 Rental Mask, 500 paintballs, Chest protector for the ladies, Event pictures

Complementary Glass of Wine or Beer on us to end your perfect date night!!


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